RPOW - Reusable Proofs of Work

Anne & Lynn Wheeler lynn at garlic.com
Mon Aug 16 18:31:58 EDT 2004

At 12:36 PM 8/15/2004, R. A. Hettinga wrote:
>The new concept in the server is the security model.  The RPOW server
>is running on a high-security processor card, the IBM 4758 Secure
>Cryptographic Coprocessor, validated to FIPS-140 level 4.  This card
>has the capability to deliver a signed attestation of the software
>configuration on the board, which any (sufficiently motivated) user
>can verify against the published source code of the system.  This lets
>everyone see that the system has no back doors and will only create RPOW
>tokens when supplied with POW/RPOW tokens of equal value.

I got hit with exploits on 4758 cards ... in thread in sci.crypt

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