Open Source Embedded SSL - (License and Memory)

J Harper jsec at
Thu Nov 27 13:07:26 EST 2003

>>> 1) Not GPL or LPGL, please.  I'm a fan of the GPL for most things, 
>> We're aware of these issues.  How do other people on the group feel?
>Speaking frankly: You should read up on what common licenses 
>imply and make your own decision, depending on what your goals 
>are.  While doing so, you might want to question the assertion 
>that LGPL is "viral".

I'm familiar with the various standard licenses.  And your advice is
sound, we'll pick one that aligns with our goals for the release.  I
guess this could be viewed as a religious issue, but I'm interested in
the usage issue, especially for the small footprint space.  If Bill's
view of GPL is a common one in embedded, it is worth us taking into
account.  For us as a company releasing source, licenses with copyleft
will reduce the risk of forking and have other benefits.  The "viral"
nature of GPL in embedded, however, I think is a valid concern.  I think
Peter Gutmann's cryptlib is GPL compatible, what has been the
embedded/corporate response to it?


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