Clipper for luggage

John Gilmore gnu at
Sun Nov 16 20:05:43 EST 2003

> I usually travel with zipper closed duffel bags.  I fasten the zipper
> closed with a screw link.  Anyone can unscrew the link and get into the
> bag, but it does effectively keep the zipper closed in transit.

That's a good idea for cheaply monkey-wrenching the whole illegal
search apparatus.  For about 5c you can get a nut and bolt.  Blow 50c
and get ten, and carry the spares on with you (the security screeners
will love you, but there is no prohibition on carrying nuts and bolts
on board.)  If you want to make their life more difficult you can put
loctite on the nut, so it will take a pair of wrenches to remove it.
TSSA will either have to spend a lot of time unscrewing the nut and
bolt, or will have to chop it off with bolt cutters.  If they cut it,
you know they opened your bag, and you can complain (or file a lawsuit
for illegal search without warrant).  If they don't, they have to
waste lots of their time on it, so they can't do it to very many
people.  It's a win-win situation, and it gets better the more people
do it.


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