XML-proof UIDs

Tim Dierks tim at dierks.org
Sun Nov 16 10:30:33 EST 2003

At 05:52 AM 11/14/2003, Eugen Leitl wrote:

>Does anyone have robust code to generate globally unique IDs which won't 
>break XML parsing,
>and work on several platforms?
>I was thinking of using an entropy pool to seed a cryptographic PRNG, used to
>generate a sequence of SHA-1 hashes, dumped to an XML-armored representation.

This is what GUIDs/UUIDs were designed for, and they're used broadly. 
They're standardized in ISO 11578 [1], although there's a very similar 
public description in an expired Internet Draft [2]. Microsoft also 
publishes a description of how they generate their GUIDs, but I can't find 
it right now.

  - Tim



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