Announcing httpsy://, a YURL scheme

Mark S. Miller markm at
Wed Jul 16 12:04:17 EDT 2003

At 08:48 AM 7/16/2003  Wednesday, Ed Gerck wrote:
>IF Alice is trusted by Bob to introduce ONLY authentic parties, yes. And that is the

In order for the Carol that Alice introduces Bob to to be inauthentic, there 
must be some prior notion of *who* Alice was supposed to introduce Bob to. 
CAs do their introductions (lookup name, get key) in a context where there 
is such a prior notion, exactly because the CA introduction comes after some 
other initial introduction informing Bob about Carol's identity in the first 
place. I am speaking here of the initial introduction. If Bob has no prior 
notion of Carol, what can it mean for Alice to introduce him to the wrong one?
Or do you mean something else by a non-authentic party?

Of course, Alice may misinform Bob about Carol's properties (non-"who" 
issues), but I already covered that as a distinct case in the paragraph on 
Alice's misbehavior.

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