Announcing httpsy://, a YURL scheme

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> Sent: Tuesday, July 15, 2003 1:38 PM
> [EDIT] 
> Trust can also be seen as that which can break your system. 
> By believing in *one* trusted introducer, a single source 
> of information, a single trusted source, you have no 
> correction channel available.  One of the earliest 
> references to this principle can be found some five hundred 
> years ago in the Hindu governments of the Mogul period, who 
> are known to have used at least three parallel reporting 
> channels...
A YURL aware search engine may find multiple independent references to a
YURL, thus giving you parallel reporting channels, and increasing trust.
Of course, this method differs from the YURL method for trust. The
parallel channel method assigns a trust value to a site by querying the
YURL aware search engine.

-Michael Heyman

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