Whyte, William WWhyte at
Thu Jul 10 14:08:24 EDT 2003

[ Jill ]
> > Instead, I have a
> > different question: Where can I learn about SSL?

[ Ian ]

> PS: next step is Ferguson & Schneier's recent book
> which has been described as "how to re-invent SSL."

This reminds me: the best tutorial on the security 
aspects of SSL 3.0 that I know of is the Counterpane
analysis paper, avaiable from:

Read it to get a good idea of why certain decisions were
made, and why they help. It doesn't tell you how to use
OpenSSL, but it's great to let you know what's going on
under the bonnet.

(I kindof feel like the new Ferguson & Schneier book would
have been better if it had simply been this paper expanded
to book length...)



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