Voltage - Identity Based Encryption.

James Black jblack at ieee.org
Wed Jul 9 08:59:59 EDT 2003

  After reading through the white paper, it would seem this could be of 
some use, for IMs and other non-persistent messages. But, if you need to 
store something for 10 yrs, recovering the key could be problematic.

  The other problem I have is that it would appear you have to buy their 
software for the key generation, so it will be less useful, unless all 
of that is included in their development kit, where we can create our 
own key generation/storage systems.

  Has IBE been evaluated to see how secure the basic theory is?

"We do not lose our identity in our relations with others; in part, at least, we achieve our identity by those relations." Tony Blair, 1993

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