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>Subject: A Simpler, More Personal Key to Protect Online Messages
>A Simpler, More Personal Key to Protect Online Messages
>The New York Times
>PALO ALTO, Calif., July 6 — A Silicon Valley start-up company on Tuesday
>plans to unveil a new approach to sending secure electronic messages and
>protecting data, a simpler alternative to current encryption systems, which
>use long digital numbers, called public keys.
>The new company, Voltage Security, which is based here, instead uses another
>unique identifier as the public key: the message recipient's e-mail address.
>Under the Voltage system, the sender of a message uses software that
>converts the recipient's e-mail address into a number and then encrypts the
>message using a mathematical formula. The recipient can then use a similar
>formula in conjunction with a secret key to decode the message. The company
>says it would be almost impossible for an eavesdropper to use the formula.
>The software can be used with several existing PC e-mail programs.
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