Microsoft tech may curb whistle-blowing

Jay D. Dyson jdyson at
Tue Feb 25 12:25:50 EST 2003

On Tue, 25 Feb 2003, R. A. Hettinga wrote:

> Microsoft is developing new technology to help companies control their
> internal documents - a move some fear could also stamp out
> whistle-blowing on corporate wrongdoing.

	This is a grim turn of events indeed, but let us pause for a
moment to consider not only the ramifications, but the realities.

	1.	Every corporate executive I've ever known has an
		ingrained habit of printing *everything* of import;
		even if their only printer is a networked printer
		a couple of offices away.  (And yes, there is a
		story there.  Heh.)  This alone will afford many a
		conscientious employee the opportunity to peek into
		the canonical closet that contains the skeletons.

	2.	Considering Microsoft's legacy of gross insecurity
		in its allegedly "secure" products, I have absolutely
		no doubt that this beast will be cracked in short
		order, and corporate executives will see their dirty
		laundry dragged out in the streets all the same.
		I'll even go so far as to dub this future, inevitable
		exploit as "The Whistleblower Worm."  :)


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