Open Source Digital Bearer Certificate Mint/Walletware Released (was re: a lucrative enterprise)

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Thu Feb 13 23:58:25 EST 2003

Maybe, just maybe, camel's nose has just entered the tent...

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Subject: a lucrative enterprise
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 11:36:11 -0600
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Lucrative is an open source digital bearer instrument issuance system.

A third preview release is available today along with a new website and,
importantly, a graphical client called CashBox.

Lucrative is based on Ben Laurie's Lucre project. Lucre is a system of
blinded digital cash: it is unlinkable and untraceable. The bank cannot
record the coins it issues to customers, and cannot identify which
account is paying which, except by traffic analysis.

Lucrative is building a server anyone can use to build their own digital
bearer instrument underwriting business.

Even now, the server is fully functional. It's based on standards: SOAP,
the Simple Object Access Protocol, and the major force behind the
emergence of Web Services. It's written in platform-neutral Java. It's
database-neutral, but we're developing on open source MySQL.

Major goals are releasing easy-to-install packages, bringing server bug
counts to a permanent zero, and developing the first graphical client,
CashBox, into a 'smart client' that uses vendor-neutral digital bearer
instruments, third party metadata and realtime, online markets.

Help is wanted! If you can make suggestions, run the server through its
paces, even send source code patches, all will gratefully accepted and
credited. Money is also gratefully accepted, and if you donate some
gold, your suggestions will be prioritized.

Screenshots of the client, CashBox, and the latest downloads, readmes,
and online Javadoc are available right now at the newly designed


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