CodeCon Registration Deadline Approaching

Len Sassaman rabbi at
Wed Feb 12 16:57:28 EST 2003

CodeCon is fast approaching, and there are only three days left to
register online for CodeCon at the reduced rate.

CodeCon 2.0 is the premier event in 2003 for the P2P, Cypherpunk, and
network/security application developer community. It is a workshop for
developers of real-world applications with working code and active
development projects.

Last year, presentations at CodeCon included the Peek-A-Booty
anti-censorship application, the Invisible IRC Project, the CryptoMail
web-based email encryption project, and the file-distribution application

Some of this year's highlights include Mixminion, a next-generation
anonymous remailer; Alluvium, Internet Radio software exempt from current
RIAA webcasting royalties; and GNU Radio, an open source software defined
radio application.

CodeCon registration is $95; a $15 discount is available for attendees who
register online prior to February 15th. CodeCon 2.0 will be held February
22-24, noon-6pm, at Club NV (525 Howard Street) in San Francisco.

For more information, please visit

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