question about rsa encryption

bear bear at
Mon Feb 3 22:13:16 EST 2003

On Mon, 3 Feb 2003, Scott G. Kelly wrote:

>I have a question regarding RSA encryption - forgive me if this seems
>amateur-ish -, but 'm still a beginner. I seem to recall reading
>somewhere that there is some issue with directly encrypting data with an
>RSA public key, perhaps some vulnerability, but I can't find any
>reference after a cursory look. Does anyone know of any issue with using
>RSA encryption to encrypt a symmetric key under the target's public key
>if the encrypted value is public (e.g. sent over a network)?

RSA is subject to blinding attacks and several other failure modes if
used without padding.  For details on what that means, read the
cyclopedia cryptologia article on RSA.


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