PRNG design document?

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Fri Aug 29 15:45:50 EDT 2003

On Fri, Aug 29, 2003 at 11:27:41AM +0100, Ben Laurie wrote:
> > 
> > As you mentioned, the FIPS-140-2 approved PRNG 
> > are deterministic, they take a random seed and extend it
> > to more random bytes.  But FIPS-140-2 has no 
> > provision for generating the seed in the first place, 
> > this is where something like Yarrow or the cryptlib
> > RNG come in handy.
> Actually, FIPS-140 _does_ have provision for seeding, at least for X9.17
> (you use the time :-), but not for keying.

I think there's some confusion of terminology here.  A "time", Ti for each
iteration of the algorithm, is one of the inputs to the X9.17 generator
(otherwise, you might as well just use DES/3DES in any chaining or feedback
mode, for all practical purposes).  However, it has always been permitted
to use a free-running counter instead of the time, and indeed the current 
interpretation by NIST *requires* that a counter, not the time, be used.

As for keying, you're allowed to key with whatever you want, whenever you
want, but at least from my conversations with a number of people during a
recent certification, you'd better be prepared to explain why your source
of key material is strong.

One implementation with which I was involved essentially rekeyed the
generator as soon as enough entropy had accumulated from a hardware
source; another rekeyed it depending on the number of output blocks.
Both approaches are permissible.

I do have some more thoughts on the quality of the various generators
the standard allows but I haven't had time to get them down in writing;
I'll try to do so before this thread is totally stale...

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