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*** Extended Deadline ***

Call for Papers and Presentations

Financial Cryptography '04
9-12 February 2004
Key West, Florida, USA

Conference Web site: http://ifca.ai/fc04/

Important dates:
Conference                       9-12 February 2004
Submission deadline (extended) **10 September 2003 23h59 GMT**
Author notification              15 November 2003
Pre-proceedings version due      15 December 2003
Proceedings version due          15 March 2004

Sponsored by the International Financial Cryptography Association
Original papers and presentations on all aspects of financial-data
security and secure digital commerce are solicited for submission to
the Eighth Annual Conference on Financial Cryptography (FC '04). FC
'04 will bring together researchers and practitioners in the
financial, legal, cryptologic, and data-security fields to foster
cooperation and exchange of ideas. In addition to novel scientific
research as in previous years, the program for FC '04 will include
sessions on digital finance and economics and on secure financial
systems and digital-cash architectures. For the systems and finance
sessions, submissions must have a visible bearing on
financial-security issues, but need not be exclusively concerned with
cryptography or security.

Submissions accepted to the research portion of the conference will be
published in full in the conference proceedings (up to 15 pages in
total).Systems and Finance Sessions: For the systems and finance portions of
the conference, the primary emphasis is on presentation. For accepted
submissions in these sessions, a one-page abstract will be published
in the conference proceedings.

Submissions to the systems portion of the conference may include
architectural descriptions and/or accounts of industry or technical
experience with implementations of secure digital commerce systems.
Presentations may concern commercial systems, academic prototypes, or
open-source projects for any of the topics listed above. Where
appropriate, software or hardware demonstrations are encouraged as
part of the presentations in these sessions.
Contributions to the systems and the finance sessions of the
conference need not necessarily include novel contributions in the
realm of scientific research, nor must they concern financial
cryptography or security exclusively. They must, however, reflect
careful thought and effort and provide valuable, up-to-date experience
that is relevant to practitioners in the fields of financial
cryptography and security. Submissions to these sessions may consist
of a short summary of work of one to six (1-6) pages in length.

Instructions for Authors: Complete papers (or complete extended
abstracts) must be received by 23h59 GMT on 10 September 2003. All
papers must be submitted electronically. (In exceptional
circumstances, paper submissions can be accepted, but special
arrangements must be made with the program chair prior to 1 August
2003.) Papers must be formatted in standard PostScript, PDF format, or
MS Word, and should be submitted electronically according to the
instructions at http://www.ifca.ai/fc04/ prior to the deadline.
Submissions in other formats will be rejected.

Submissions to the research portion of the conference may include at
most fifteen (15) single-spaced standard pages in length. Submissions
to the systems and finance portions of the conference must be short
summaries of work consisting of at most six (6) single-spaced standard
pages in length. (As indicated above, for accepted submissions in
these latter sessions, a corresponding one-page abstract will be
published in the conference proceedings.) Author names and
affiliations on submissions must be explicit. In other words,
submitted papers should not be anonymized. Submissions must include on
the first page the title of the paper, the names and affiliations of
all authors, a brief abstract, a list of topical keywords, and a
conference-session category (research, finance, or systems). Papers
must describe original work. For the research portion of the
conference, submission of previously published material and
simultaneous submission of papers to other conferences or workshops
with proceedings is not permitted. Authors of research papers found to
be doubly submitted risk having all their submissions withdrawn from
consideration as well as other appropriate sanctions.
The conference proceedings containing all accepted submissions will be
published in the Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science
(LNCS) series after the conference. A pre-proceedings containing
preliminary versions of the papers will be distributed at the
conference. For accepted submissions, at least one author must attend
the conference and present. In addition, authors of accepted
submissions must prepare the pre-proceedings and final proceedings
version <96> a full paper or one-page abstract, as appropriate -- and
sign an IFCA copyright form. Questions about paper or panel
submissions should be directed to the program chair at
program_fc04 at ifca.ai.

General Chair: Hinde Ten Berge
Program Chair: Ari Juels, RSA Laboratories

Program Committee:

Masayuki Abe       (NTT Laboratories, Japan)
David Birch        (Consult Hyperion, U.K.)
Roger Dingledine   (The Free Haven Project, USA)
Niels Ferguson     (MacFergus, The Netherlands)
Thomas Frey        (Davinci Institute, USA)
Philippe Golle     (Stanford University, USA)
Tim Jones          (Simpay, UK)
Marc Joye          (Gemplus, France)
Kwangjo Kim        (ICU, Korea)
Arjen Lenstra      (Citicorp, USA and Technische Univ. Eindhoven, The
Helger Lipmaa      (Helsinki Univ. of Tech., Finland)
Dahlia Malkhi      (Hebrew Univ., Israel)
David Naccache     (Gemplus, France)
Tatsuaki Okamoto   (NTT Laboratories, Japan)
Benny Pinkas       (Hewlett Packard, USA)
Nicole Pohl        (Franklin and Marshall College, USA)
David Pointcheval  (CNRS-Ecole Normale Supérieure, France)
Bart Preneel       (K.U. Leuven, Belgium)
Avi Rubin          (Johns Hopkins University, USA)
Adam Shostack      (Informed Security, Canada)
Vitaly Shmatikov   (SRI International, USA)
Sean Smith         (Dartmouth College, USA)
Rebecca Wright     (Stevens Institute of Technology, USA)
Moti Yung          (Columbia University, USA)

 Ari Juels
   Principal Research Scientist 
     RSA Laboratories
      ajuels at rsasecurity.com
        tel. (781) 515-7069
          fax (781) 515-7010 

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