Abit's SecureIDE

Mads Rasmussen mads at opencs.com.br
Mon Aug 4 12:14:31 EDT 2003

There seems to be a new interesting product from Abit, a motherboard

"SecureIDE", supposed to encrypt information between the CPU and the IDE

Have a look at

The idea is simple:

CPU <--> Chip <--> HD

And the concept seems to be reasonable at first eyesight, skipping the
stuff like the quote below, which gives me a snakeoil feeling.

 "A password can be cracked by software in a few hours. ABIT's SecureIDE
will keep government supercomputers busy for weeks and will keep the
RIAA away from your Kazaa files forever." 

There is a datasheet that tells it all


I quote:

"40-bit DES (US Data Encryption Standard) is adequate for general users"

How can they make something, seemingly good and then blow it by using
only 40-bit DES keys? It cannot be export controls can it?

Well they did only say weeks in the first quote above :o)

Mads Rasmussen

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