[Lucrative-L] updated lucrative source now in CVS

R. A. Hettinga rah at shipwright.com
Tue Aug 12 15:41:32 EDT 2003

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Subject: [Lucrative-L] updated lucrative source now in CVS
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 13:20:50 -0600
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	I imported Lucrative source into SourceForge CVS so anyone who
wishes can get the latest and greatest Lucrative. There are numerous
improvements in design and efficiency over v7, more features, and so on.


	There are several tools at SF for lodging bug reports, feature
requests, and so on. Please feel free, even encouraged, to make use of

	And I invite participation by developers to contribute to the
source. I don't have any specific tasks that I need help on at the
moment, but I will use the SF tools to make notes.

	Also, people uncomfortable or unable to contribute to the source
should feel free to contribute anything else they desire: pretty
graphics, interface mockups, diagrams, charts, requirements or
specifications, documents of all sorts, complaints.

	One point I would like advice on is whether to extend the FIBI
(format for the interchange of bearer instruments) protocol to allow
exchange of Chaumian cash as well as Wagnerian.


The Lucrative Project: http://lucrative.thirdhost.com
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