Anonymous blog experiment, take two

zem zem at
Wed Apr 23 07:19:55 EDT 2003

I've put together an experimental remailer/PGP interface to a weblog
hosting service.  Creating a blog and posting are entirely one-way 
processes via Mixmaster; there's no need for nyms or reply blocks.

The short version, for those familiar with PGP and mixmaster:

To create a blog, generate a new PGP key.  Set the Name field to 
'invisiblog' and optionally put a name or description in the Comment 
field.  Use mixmaster to send the ascii-exported public key to 
signup at  Each new blog will show up at<long_key_id> as soon as its key is received.

To post, clearsign a message and send it to post at  The 
fingerprint of the signing key is used to figure out which blog to post 
it to.  

There's no way to delete or modify posts.

If a first attempt at creating a blog or posting fails, resend - it'll 
ignore dupes.

More details here:


Step-by-step signup and posting instructions:


Anonymous weblogs will be linked from here as they are created:


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