Intel RNG still available?

cryptography at cryptography at
Mon Apr 21 21:15:49 EDT 2003

> The OpenBSD source code claims that the 810, 810e, 815, 820, 840, 850,
> and 860 all provide the RNG.  The conspicuous missing entry on the list
> is the 845, which appears on all the Intel-chipset Pentium 4
> motherboards currently available from my local whitebox shop.

My whitebox Pentium 4 system has the 810 RNG, and it works. I'm not
sure which series motherboard it is; it's the one that uses cheap
commodity SDRAM, not Rambus or DDR memory.

Linux also supports the Intel 810 hardware RNG. Debian provides a
"rngd" daemon that reads the hardware RNG and shovels the bits into
/dev/random. I have it running on all my machines that support it.


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