DRM technology and policy

Ed Gerck egerck at nma.com
Mon Apr 21 16:59:16 EDT 2003

"John S. Denker" wrote:

> Techniques that don't protect a song might work just
> fine to protect computer programs including games.

Yes, and protecting computer programs also helps
improve security (if the program is what it should
be and the user is who the user should be).

However, when we talk about increasing protection for
online music or other downloadable we need to remember
the old saying in business:

"If you have never lost a receivable, your rules were too strict!"

BTW, Einar Stefferud (First Virtual co-founder) makes some
important points on this issue in the coming conference on virtual
goods in Ilmenau, Germany (questions to Rüdiger Grimm
<ruediger at rgrimm.de>)

Ed Gerck

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