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>| Interview with Voting Machine Company Reps                         |
>|   from the what-me-worry dept.                                     |
>|   posted by michael on Sunday April 20, @07:09 (usa)               |
>|              |
>[0]laupsavid writes "Here's an interesting [1]interview with government
>and industry reps on the [2]Black_Box_Voting site. I think it's funny
>(yet terrifying), almost like an extended [3]Shark-Tank Unclear on the
>Concept item. They interview Paul Miller, Registration and Systems
>Manager of the Office of the Secretary of State. Black Box Voting is
>dedicated to informing people of reasons to reject electronic voting
>systems. I believe Bev Harris runs the site, and she claims to be an
>expert on accounting fraud. Also, see this [4]area of the a site called
>[5]Ecotalk for a list of instances of purported fraud by electronic
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