ecash signature scheme?

R. A. Hettinga rah at
Mon Apr 14 23:43:08 EDT 2003

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Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 22:45:13 -0400
From: John Kane <jkane89 at>
To: Robert Hettinga <rah at>
Subject: ecash signature scheme?

recently asked on sci.crypt:
  > What kind of signature scheme is this? The RSA envelope is filled with
  > 00 || MD5-Hash(message) || 00 ... 00
  > (padded on the right with 00s up to the RSA modulus length).

David Wagner wrote:
  dw> I seem to remember that an early version of Digicash's
  dw> ecash protocol may have used this scheme

Any recollection of whether this might be on the mark?$ofg$

John Kane
Boston, MA (eastern US)
IETF-OpenPGP working group

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