Anonymous blogging experiment

zem zem at
Fri Apr 11 23:22:57 EDT 2003

A few weeks back on the cryptography list someone asked about anonymous 
blogging software and hosting.

I've put together a simple system which I think meets the requirements: 
a remailer/PGP interface to a weblog hosting service.  It needs 
testing, so I'm offering free hosting to a few anonymous bloggers to 
help try it out.  Familiarity with mixmaster and PGP or GPG is 

Replies via remailer and PGP only please.  Fingerprint is listed below.  
Make sure you include a public key and either a working nym or 
instructions on how I can contact you.

mailto:zem at F289 2BDB 1DA0 F4C4 DC87 EC36 B2E3 4E75 C853 FD93    "..I'm invisible, I'm invisible, I'm invisible.." 

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