[ANNOUNCE] OpenSSL 0.9.7b and 0.9.6j released

Richard Levitte - VMS Whacker levitte at openssl.org
Thu Apr 10 17:17:43 EDT 2003

  OpenSSL version 0.9.7b and 0.9.6j released

  OpenSSL - The Open Source toolkit for SSL/TLS

  The OpenSSL project team is pleased to announce the release of
  version 0.9.7b of our open source toolkit for SSL/TLS.  This new
  OpenSSL version is a security and bugfix release and incorporates
  at least 7 changes and bugfixes to the toolkit (for a complete list
  see http://www.openssl.org/source/exp/CHANGES.

  We also release 0.9.6j, which contains the same security bugfix as
  0.9.7b and a few more small bugfixes compared to 0.9.6i.

  The most significant changes are:

    o Security: counter the Klima-Pokorny-Rosa extension of
      Bleichbacher's attack                                   [0.9.7b & 0.9.6j]
    o Security: make RSA blinding default.                    [0.9.7b & 0.9.6j]
    o Configuration: Irix fixes, AIX fixes, better mingw support.      [0.9.7b]
    o Support for new platforms: linux-ia64-ecc.                       [0.9.7b]
    o Build: shared library support fixes.                    [0.9.7b & 0.9.6j]
    o ASN.1: treat domainComponent correctly.                          [0.9.7b]
    o Documentation: fixes and additions.                              [0.9.7b]

  We consider OpenSSL 0.9.7b to be the best version of OpenSSL available
  and we strongly recommend that users of older versions upgrade as
  soon as possible.  OpenSSL 0.9.7b is available for download via HTTP
  and FTP from the following master locations (you can find the various
  FTP mirrors under http://www.openssl.org/source/mirror.html):

    o http://www.openssl.org/source/
    o ftp://ftp.openssl.org/source/

  For those who want or have to stay with the 0.9.6 series of OpenSSL,
  we strongly recommend that you upgrade to OpenSSL 0.9.6j as soon as
  possible.  It's available in the same location as 0.9.7b.

  The distribution file name is:

    o openssl-0.9.7b.tar.gz [normal]
      MD5 checksum: fae4bec090fa78e20f09d76d55b6ccff
    o openssl-0.9.6j.tar.gz [normal]
      MD5 checksum: 52ea996e52bcea5120f193f51469bbb1
    o openssl-engine-0.9.6j.tar.gz [engine]
      MD5 checksum: beae194a369a74de18b4c3472a1d1abe

  The checksums were calculated using the following command:

    openssl md5 < openssl-0.9.7b.tar.gz
    openssl md5 < openssl-0.9.6j.tar.gz
    openssl md5 < openssl-engine-0.9.6j.tar.gz

  The OpenSSL Project Team...  

    Mark J. Cox             Ben Laurie          Andy Polyakov
    Ralf S. Engelschall     Richard Levitte     Geoff Thorpe
    Dr. Stephen Henson      Bodo Möller
    Lutz Jänicke            Ulf Möller

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