Swiss ISPs Required to Log and Store Email for Six Months

Thomas Shaddack shaddack at
Wed Apr 9 13:37:00 EDT 2003

> I see a market oppertunity for SMTP servers outside Switzerland which use
> SSL/TLS for communication, and perhaps listen on non-standard ports.

SMTP servers, if they have to receive mails, HAVE to listen on port 25.
There is no way in the standard how to tell that SMTP on listens in port 1234 instead.

However, if it is only a server for sending mails, it CAN listen on
any other port (which then has to be specified in the mail client
configuration). You can also have your own internal mail forwarding
network on nondefault ports; eg, qmail allows manual specifying of server
and port to any domain it has to forward mail to (in default
configuration, /var/qmail/conf/smtproutes).

For SSL-wrapping of the connections to SMTP/POP/IMAP servers (or even to
offshore HTTP proxies), stunnel <> is the tool of
choice; many mail clients have SSL support, but they typically lack
certificate management.

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