Intel RNG still available?

Carl Ellison cme at
Wed Apr 9 12:25:26 EDT 2003

At 03:23 PM 4/8/2003 -0700, Will Price wrote:
>Is it still possible to buy new the Intel RNG that was part of the
>810  chipset? I mean, if I go buy a current Pentium IV or Xeon
>system, it is  going to have the security chip associated with the
>810 chipset or was  that specific to that chipset only?

I tried to buy a new machine with the chip, one or two years ago.  I
asked my contacts within Intel exactly what I had to ask for -- the
part numbers you need to have are: E82802Ax or N82802Ax.  I also
found out that nearly the entire stock of such parts was shipped to
IBM for their platforms.

So I called IBM and told the salesman on the phone I wanted to buy a
machine with one of those parts.  They were doing web/phone sales
only, so I couldn't go to the store and open the case and look at the
motherboard.  The salesman told me that he had no way to know what
parts were on the machine shipped to me.  That part was not
associated with any feature that showed up on his price sheet.

So, I asked what I should do to buy such a machine.

He answered that IBM had a generous return policy.

>I can't seem to find any remotely recent information on Intel's RNG 
>that wasn't last updated in 1999. I thought it was a great idea at
>the  time and I'm somewhat dismayed that it seems to have been quite
>temporary thing.

The program was terminated for lack of customer demand - where
customer = OEM.

 - Carl

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