Russia Intercepts US Military Communications?

Arnold G. Reinhold reinhold at
Thu Apr 3 11:54:47 EST 2003

At 2:15 PM -0500 4/1/03, Ian Grigg wrote:
>Some comments from about a decade ago.
>The way it used to work in the Army (that I
>was in) within a battalion, is that there was
>a little code book, with a sheet for a 6 hour
>stretch. Each sheet has a simple matrix for
>encoding letters, etc.  Everyone had the same
>sheet, and they were created centrally and
>distributed from there.  If any sheets were
>lost, it was a major disaster.
>All soldiers were taught to code up the messages,
>it was one of the more boring lessons.  In
>practice, corporals and seargeants did most
>of the coding, but it was still a slow and
>cumbersome process.

The Army actually has a training course (from 1990) on-line that 
describes such a system in detail. The cipher system, called DRYAD is 
covered in 
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