US DOD Crypto related SBIRS

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Thu Oct 10 06:55:14 EDT 2002

More detailed descriptions of these Office Of The Secretary Of 
Defense (OSD), Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)
solicitations are further down the page.  Directly clicking on 
the links yields some login prompt.
OSD03-001 Differential Analysis Software Protection
OSD03-002 Idiosyncratic Computer Signatures used for Software Protection
OSD03-003 Reconfigurable Processors for Software Protection
OSD03-004 Protecting Software Binaries from Reverse Engineering
OSD03-005 Tools to Aid in Protection of Application Software During

While skeptical of the ordinary utility of these projects, I
apolitically note that all of them could be moot under a TCPA, 
which they don't explicitly mention.
Apart from this, these topics are familiar. However, one thing
new to me was "Reconfigurable Processors for Software Protection". 
There, one has "To operate properly, the attacker must utilize 
the instruction set of the processor that the software and 
operating system was designed to operate on".  

I don't see why finding an instruction set mapping is hard. 



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