Gaelic Code Talkers

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Thu Oct 3 10:48:16 EDT 2002

Neal Stephenson probably ran into a similar story; he inserts it
(in fictionalized, names-changed form) in his novel Cryptonomicon.
You can probably find some references to the historical precedences
by googling starting there.

[Moderator's Note: I think Stephenson's story didn't seem to involve
code talkers, and appeared to be entirely fictional... --Perry]


On Wed, 2 Oct 2002, Bill Frantz wrote:

>While vacationing in Scotland this summer I had a conversation with a
>gentleman who said that the British had used Scottish Gaelic speakers as
>"code talkers" during World War II.  He added that they were not used in
>the European theatre, as there were too many Irish Gaelic speakers who
>sympathized with the Axis.
>A quick glance at Kahn didn't turn up an information on these code talkers.
>Has anyone else heard anything about it?
>Cheers - Bill
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