What email encryption is actually in use?

RL 'Bob' Morgan rlmorgan at washington.edu
Wed Oct 2 19:30:17 EDT 2002

On Wed, 2 Oct 2002, Jeremey Barrett wrote:

> BTW, most and probably all of the major mail clients out there will do
> STARTTLS *for SMTP*. It's a matter of servers offering it and clients
> being configured to actually use it. It'd be nice if they always used it
> if it's available, but right now I think they all require being told to.
> Specifically, Mozilla, Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape (all the way
> back to 4.7x at least), Evolution, and Eudora all support STARTTLS
> (again, for SMTP). I imagine there are others that do as well.
> Amusingly, virtually none of them support STARTLS on any other protocol.
> :) IMAP and POP are almost all supported only on dedicated SSL ports
> (IMAPS, POP3S). Argh.

Pine and UW imapd both support STARTTLS for all relevant protocols
(SMTP/IMAP/POP/LDAP client for Pine, IMAP/POP server for imapd).  They
also support Kerberos authentication and datastream encryption for all
these protocols.

Evolution does?  I tried out the Evolution 1.0.3 that comes with my RedHat
7.3 distribution, and it appeared not to support STARTTLS for IMAP or
SMTP.  When I told it to "use secure connection (SSL)" for SMTP it tried
to connect to port 465 (the deprecated smtps port) and failed.

 - RL "Bob"

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