FC: Hollywood wants to plug "analog hole," regulate A-D conve rters

Bill Stewart bill.stewart at pobox.com
Thu May 30 03:37:47 EDT 2002

At 01:33 PM 05/29/2002 -0600, Hughes, James P wrote:
>Change the billboard for elevator music (which will be protected). Will you
>be able to play back your digital dictations *if* they were recorded in an
>environment that included background music.

If you don't see the fnords, they won't eat you....
         (ok, that's more of a cypherpunks remark :-)
Watermarked background music as recording prevention, billboards and
buttons with watermarks on them for digital camera repellent,
all pretty unlikely to actually work,
but that doesn't mean that laws won't imply that they must.

"These aren't the cypherpunks you're looking for..."

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