FC: Hollywood wants to plug "analog hole," regulate A-D converters

Mark Armbrust mark.armbrust at pobox.com
Thu May 30 14:32:04 EDT 2002

Jim Hughes <jim at storage.network.com> writes:
>Imagine *if* there is a mandated change that there be some kind of
>digital content filter in all D-A and *if* there is *any* probability at
>all (no matter how small) that non-copyrighted material will trigger
>this, would you put your life into the hands of a machine that will kill
>you if all of the redundant D-A converters fail at exactly the same time
>because of this "feature"?!

Imagine it's 2020:  as you and your family ride by the one remaining
drive-in theater in America, your car's autopilot goes blind...
So I see exceptions in the law for critical systems.
And I see hackers parking their cars in front of their TVs and tapping into
the car's autopilot.
So we need a law to prevent people from putting TV's in their garages.
And some way for Them to know if I have a TV in my garage.

Check out Baen Books' experience with freely available books on the web --
sales has gone UP.


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