FC: Hollywood wants to plug "analog hole," regulate A-D converters

Ben Cox cox-work at djehuti.com
Sat May 25 19:29:10 EDT 2002

David G. Koontz wrote:
> After hearing about the recent defeat of Sony's copyright protected
> CDs in Europe with a marketing pen and having visited the above
> issue on the EFF site, I spend some time thinking up schemes for
> watermarks detected by ADCs and ways to defeat them.

I heard a story about this on NPR
(http://www.npr.org/ramfiles/atc/20020523.atc.07.ram), and they made
a point about how when someone comes up with a protection scheme like
this, thousands of people around the globe simultaneously try to find
any way they can to break it, and as soon as one does, the info is
immediately available to everyone.

In other words, the Internet and its users form something like a
nondeterministic computer --- as in Nondeterministic Polynomial (NP)...
(It seems obvious to me that the "problem" of defeating a copy
protection scheme is in NP.)

-- Ben

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