Navajo code talkers encoder & decoder page.

William Knowles erehwon at
Sat May 25 00:05:19 EDT 2002

Not one for clicking ads on sites, I clicked one for the upcoming 
Nicolas Cage movie on the Navajo code talkers. 

On the interactive side of the site theres a page to encode and decode 
terms from the code talker dictionary.

dibeh tlo-chin tsin-tliti dzeh a-woh lin tkin a-chin ah-tad  
cla-gi-aih dzeh ah-losz gah tsah-as-zih  gloe-ih a-kha no-da-ih 
nash-doie-tso be  wol-la-chee cla-gi-aih cla-gi-aih ah-losz tlo-chin 
a-keh-di-glini ah-nah  toh-ni-tkal-lo  da-ahl-zhin  		


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