Government subsidies: our last, best hope for Cryptoanarchy?

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Fri May 24 19:57:42 EDT 2002

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> Subject: Government subsidies: our last, best hope for Cryptanarchy?
> Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 01:44:53 -0700
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> The same Cypherpunk expressed a hope that absent NAI's PGP, the German
> government group currently funding GPG might be more inclined to fund UI
> work for Windows. Perhaps they would. Assuming for a moment they will,
> would this lead to a better PGP Windows UI than NAI's PGP offered? NAI's
> PGP UI is pretty darn good. Looking at the sorry state of UI's currently
> offered for GPG, even with government funding, I suspect that it will be
> a long time indeed before we will see a GPG UI that will compare
> positively to the current NAI PGP UI.

This may not be very relevant to the rest of the article, but: what's
wrong with WinPT ( It looks quite good to me, and very close
in look and feel to NAI PGP UI.


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