Utah Uses Digital Signatures To Eat It's Own Dog Food

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 	Utah Uses Digital Signatures To Secure Deals

By Dipka Bhambhani, Government Computer News
15 May 2002, 1:03 PM CST
 Utah Incentive Funds, a division of the state's department of business and
economic development, is using online services secured with digital
certificates to lure more businesses to the state.

The division opened a Web gateway this month that lets businesses complete
applications for funding and create legal business agreements securely over
the Internet using digital certificates.

Earlier this month, one rural business used the state's service, and four
more will sign agreements later this week, state officials said.

The state is using the eTransaction architecture created by NxLight Inc. of
Orem, Utah, and digital certificates from Identrus LLC of New York.

The certificates are the same as those sold under the General Services
Administration's Access Certificates for Electronic Services contract that
was held by Digital Signature Trust Inc. of Salt Lake City. Identrus
acquired Digital Signature Trust in March.

"It has cut our time in negotiating contracts from months to minutes," said
Tammee Roberts, program specialist at Utah Incentive Funds.

The state has had trouble handling the volume of applications in a timely
manner, she said. "Those applications hit a bottleneck."

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