Disk encryption standards (was: RE: Two ideas for random number g eneration]

Paul Crowley paul at ciphergoth.org
Mon May 13 19:10:05 EDT 2002

"Trei, Peter" <ptrei at rsasecurity.com> writes:
> Bill: you might want to look at: www.siswg.org, which is looking at just
> this 
> problem. Here's the meat of a couple messages I received about it:
> > The IEEE Technical Committee on Information Assurance has 
> > started a standards project on storage encryption, covering 
> > encryption algorithms, integrity algorithms, and key management. 
> > A common criteria protection profile is also proposed. Jim Hughes 
> > (Storage Tek) is chair and invites cryptographers to participate in 
> > the project.
> > 
> > This work potentially has wide application, from hard disk storage 
> > to PDAs.

There's some discussion of these issues in the paper presenting my
(broken) block cipher Mercy, which was meant for this application:

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