objectivity and factoring analysis

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At 9:45 AM -0700 on 5/13/02, bear wrote:

> One thousand years = 10 iterations of Moore's law plus one year.
> Call it 15-16 years?  Or maybe 20-21 since Moore's seems to have
> gotten slower lately?

Moore himself said in an article in Forbes a few years ago that the cost of
fabs themselves would eventually bring a stop to Moore's Law. He couldn't
see constructing a $100 billion dollar fab, and right now, fabs are in the
$1-$10 billion dollar range and going up...

He figured it to be the 20-teens or so for diminishing returns to finally
catch up with Moore's Law, if I remember right. If a water shortage on
Taiwan doesn't stop it dead in it's tracks this summer. ;-).


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