Bay Area Cypherpunks - Claremont Hotel, Saturday May 11, 2002, Berkeley

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for San Francisco and other Cypherpunks announcements.
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San Francisco Bay Area Cypherpunks Physical Meeting, May 11, 2002
Location: Claremont Hotel, Oakland CA
Time: 1-5pm

The IEEE crypto symposium will be in town next week, starting Sunday
at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley

We'll be meeting in the afternoon in the main hotel bar.
Weather permitting, we may move to the swimming pool bar.
The agenda is highly informal - bring interesting things to talk about!


The Claremont is at 41 Tunnel Road, Berkeley
Lat: 37.8572401 Lon: -122.241515

 From Berkeley - take Ashby Ave. East / Uphill until you're there.
BART - go to the Ashby BART station in Berkeley, take Ashby 1.2 miles to 
the hotel.

 From San Francisco - take the Bay Bridge to 580 East,
exit on Hwy 24 toward Berkeley / Walnut Creek.
Take the Claremont Ave exit, left at the bottom onto Claremont.
Turn right on Ashby (5th Stoplight) and go 2 blocks to the hotel.

 From Almost Anywhere Else - take 880 North through Oakland to 24,
then as above.
Or take 880 North through Oakland to the new connector to 80 in Berkeley,
then take the Ashby exit.

Aerial Photo:
Weather Forecast: high 70s.

Contact information, or if lost
Bill Stewart - +1-415-307-7119 - bill.stewart at
Dave Del Torto	- ddt at

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