RSA Restructures, Lays off 200

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Fri Apr 26 08:54:29 EDT 2002

RSA Restructures, Lays off 200
By, InternetWeek
Apr 25, 2002 (9:13 AM)

RSA Security Inc. has laid off 200 employees, or 17 percent of its
workforce, as part of a reorganization in which it is also fine-tuning its
product lineup. Earlier this month, RSA reported weaker-than-expected
first-quarter earnings, including a loss of $13.7 million, compared with a
loss of $9.8 million a year ago. Revenue fell from $76.3 million to $55.5

The new streamlined structure aims to stem the tide. In addition to the
layoffs, RSA said it will create three new product divisions focused on
authentication, encryption, and Web access management.

The authentication division will include RSA SecurID and RSA Keon product
lines, and will focus on a variety of authentication schemes, including
smart cards and digital certificates.

The encryption division will include RSA BSAFE, and will focus on
delivering security software for developers, who will then embed the
systems in applications and components.

The Web access division will include the RSA ClearTrust product line. IT
will focus on Web single sign-on and authorization platforms.

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