Schneier (and RSA) on Bernstein factoring machine

Trei, Peter ptrei at
Wed Apr 17 16:15:53 EDT 2002

> R. A. Hettinga[SMTP:rah at]
> At 3:54 PM -0400 on 4/16/02, Trei, Peter wrote:
> > Well, Lucky's not a business, and he's certainly not a military
> > institution (despite his fondness for ordnance). What does that
> > leave? Most of us who know him got a little chuckle out of this.
> One should also note, that, last time I looked at least, that Mr. Briceno
> ended up at RSA as part of the XCert buyout.
> Cheers,
The last time you looked was too long ago, I'm afraid. Lucky is no
longer with RSA.


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