Schneier on Bernstein factoring machine

Sidney Markowitz sidney at
Tue Apr 16 16:37:07 EDT 2002

> Does anyone else notice the contradiction in these two paragraphs?
> First Bruce says that businesses can reasonably be content with 1024 bit
> keys, then he appears shocked that Lucky Green still has a 1024 bit key?

"The big news is" does not mean the same as "I'm shocked that". He appears to agree
with Lucky Green's decision to keep 1024 bit keys up until now despite the prediction
some years ago that 1024 bit keys would only be safe until sometime between 2000 and
2002. If you accept the table as being a reasonable prediction at the time it was
made, the "big news" is that someone like Lucky Green has continued to consider 1024
bits safe up to now.

 -- sidney

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