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> At 07:22 AM 5/31/2001 +0800, Enzo Michelangeli wrote:
> >Besides, it would be idiotic to grant access to information or
> >for a transaction to someone, just because he or she has presented a
> >key certificate": authentication protocols require possession of the
> >key. Those legislators just don't know what they are talking about.
> >Scary.
> The statute didn't say "just because" or describe a technical architecture
> for an access control system - it criminalized the presentation of a
> certificate without "owning" the corresponding private key.

Uhm... So, which devious use of someone else's certificate were those guys
trying to address? Also a bona fide certificate server could fall afoul of
such law. In my experience, misguided laypeople build their attitude towards
handling of certificates on the assumption that "a certificate is like a
digital ID card". This sounds like one of those cases.


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