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> This is the goofiest spam I've ever gotten.  How many bits are
> contained in the message below the % signs?  Could be quite a few,
> depending on your dictionary of nouns, verb, adjectives, and adverbs.
> Sure looks like a message to me.  As far as I know, I'm not expecting
> any steganographic messages from anybody.  Nor do I have any kind of a
> reputation as a cryptographer who might be able to decode a random
> encrypted message.  Maybe it really has been spammed in an effort to
> avoid traffic analysis?
> -russ
It's an attempt by a spambot to get by a 'uniqueness filter'. A quick
google (Google is your friend) gives the stuff appended below. 

Peter Trei

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Conversely,  this  analysis  of  a  formative  as  a pair of sets of
features  must  utilize  and  be  functionally  interwoven  with the
profound  meaning  of  "The  Raw  and  the  Cooked".   However,  the
incorporation  of additional mission constraints is unspecified with
respect  to  a  parasitic  gap  construction.   For  one  thing, any
exponential  Folklife  coefficient  effects  a  significant
implementation  of the anticipated fourth-generation equipment.   By
combining  adjunctions  and  certain  deformations,  the  earlier
discussion  of  deviance  necessitates  that coagulative measures be
applied  to  all  deeper  structuralistic conceptualization.   Thus,
within  given  parameters,  our  fully  integrated  field program is
further  compounded  when  taking  into  account  the  sophisticated
hardware.   Notice,  incidentally,  that  the  fundamental  error of
regarding  functional  notions as categorial suffices to account for
the overall negative profitability.   This suggests that the earlier
discussion  of  deviance  adds  explicit  performance  contours  to
possible  bidirectional  logical relationship approaches.   Clearly,
the  incorporation of agonistic cultural constraints is functionally
equivalent  and  parallel  to  an  important distinction in language
use.   By combining adjunctions and certain deformations, the notion
of  level  of grammaticalness necessitates that coagulative measures
be  applied  to  a  descriptive  fact.   Analogously,  the  fully
integrated  test  program is holistically compounded, in the context
of  the  levels  of  acceptability  from  fairly  high (eg (99a)) to
virtual gibberish (eg (98d)).

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