Wired News Reporter Fighting Subpoena Re: GigaLaw.com Daily News, March 30, 2001

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At 5:00 AM -0800 on 3/30/01, GigaLaw.com wrote:

> Wired News Reporter Fighting Subpoena
>      Declan McCullagh -- the Wired News reporter who on March 8 was
> subpoenaed by the Justice Department to testify in the case against
> cypherpunk Jim Bell -- filed a motion on Thursday with the U.S. District
> Court to quash the subpoena, claiming it would violate the First Amendment
> protections accorded to journalists. Bell, who is famous for popularizing
> "Assassination Politics," a site that incorporated digital cash and
> encryption in a scheme to anonymously off political figures, has been
> charged with two counts of violating federal stalking laws.
>      Read the article: Wired News @
> http://www.wired.com/news/politics/0,1283,42735,00.html

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