move to NewGenPay; and, collecting secure e-commerce resources

Amir Herzberg AMIR at
Thu Mar 29 05:59:06 EST 2001

Hi all, 

First, I've recently left IBM as part of the spin-off of our payments
project into NewGenPay. My IBM e-mail was supposed to forward but I think
they've recently cancelled it, so please use my new email. 

Secondly, I plan to extend further the collection of secure e-commerce
resources I've begun in IBM. I've already put in the demo area of our site
( the old stuff - my lectures and overviews of different
areas of secure e-commerce, secure payments, and applied cryptography. It
includes a few links but I'll like to expand that much more to make it a
useful community resource. 

While almost all that we currently have is `sold` with our `demo money`, the
new parts will mostly be regular links, of course I'll leave a bit of our
`per-fee links` so people have motivation to use our demo... (but we had
thousands of people doing it Ok - it's very easy). 

I'll appreciate, therefore, suggestions of useful technical and educational
resources that I should include there. Examples are lectures and courses
available online, archives, standards, forums, etc. I won't try to cover
purely commercial sites or in general any non-technical/educational sites.
BTW, if some of you have relevant lectures/tutorials/overviews in relevant
areas that you prefer we'll put in out site (e.g. it is difficult for you to
host them), I'll be happy to host a reasonable number of well written

Best regards, 
Amir Herzberg
CTO, NewGenPay Inc.  

See our demo and overview/tutorials on secure e-commerce in

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