septillion operations per second

David Honig honig at
Wed Jun 20 18:24:09 EDT 2001

At 12:16 PM 6/20/01 +0200, Barry Wels wrote:
>In James Bamford's new book 'Body of Secrets' he claims the NSA is working
on some FAST computers. 

Fantastic book.  I read the stuff about using Areceibo for moon-bounce
of Soviet radars just after getting back from visiting the dish [1].

Re: fast computers.  All crypto thinkers will assume that the Adversary has
got each fundamental particle in the universe cranking away at insane
speeds on your key until the Restaurant at the End of the Universe closes.  

You're obviously a newbie, but that's cool, you're here to learn, like the
rest of us.

[1] 800 stairs at noon near the solstice in the tropics.  Fun fun fun [2].
Microwave ductwork
you could stand in.  As a bonus, the US decided to stop bombing a Puerto Rican
tourist isle while we were visiting.  

[2] With a 30+++ pound infant that insists on being carried, no less.



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