[Users] DoCoMo USA cellular real-time IPSEC job posting

R. A. Hettinga rah at shipwright.com
Thu Jun 14 06:17:56 EDT 2001

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[It's interesting that they see IPSEC as 'not realtime', when
 our implementation sets up tunnels in under a second (perhaps they
 want to improve on this, which wouldn't hurt).  But if their net
 will have longer end-to-end delays, the negotiation time would increase
 by some multiple of the average delay, potentially causing problems.

 Anyway, does anyone from our IPSEC crowd want to help the future
 cellular network have real security and privacy, or at least the best
 we know how to build?  --gnu]

   IACR Newsletter
   Vol. 18, No. 2, Summer 2001.
   Published by the International Association for Cryptologic Research
   Christian Cachin, Editor

[...lots of stuff edited out...into the job ads...     --gnu]

  DoCoMo USA Labs

TITLE   : Research Engineer
EDUCATION       : PhD in computer science, mathematics or a related field
HOURS   : Full Time, Regular
JOB BENEFITS/SALARY     : Competitive Package will be provided
PROJECT NAME    : Mobile Internet
JOB NAME        : Real-time security
JOB CODE        : ?????

Future cellular network is expected to be fully IP-based. This means 1) that
mobility is supported at layer 3, and 2) that the network must support both
real-time and non-real-time applications. A typical example of the real-time
applications is Voice over IP. In order to be secure, the network must deploy
Internet security technologies such as IPsec and IKE, and PKI (Public Key
Infrastructure). However, it's very difficult to provide security in

The goal of this position is to create new technologies to achieve real-time
security. To this end, prototype systems supporting new protocols for
real-time security should be developed.

In-depth and broad knowledge of cryptography, especially public key
cryptosystem and digital certificates, are required. Industry experience in
Internet protocols (such as TCP/IP) and related security protocols (such as
IPsec) is also strongly preferred


Keith E Morrissey
Vice President, Professional Services
DoCoMo USA Labs


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