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> Given that most people are going to be sitting at PCs or have laptops with
> them, what's wrong with Nautilus (or whatever) and a headset plugged into
> sound card

Sadly, using an internet phone is beyond the reach or the will of most
corporate users.

> (in the worst case you can tunnel $generic_internet_talk_software
> over ssh or SSL with CPU power to spare)?

If you do that, you inherit the drawbacks of TCP for real time
communications: a single packet lost may disrupt the communication for a
long time. Software like Realplayer or MS Media Player, that can use TCP
(HTTP) to work around some firewalls setups, try to counter that by
buffering a large part of the data stream: but that would introduce
unacceptable delays in two-way communications.

And anyway, configuring a machine to do the encapsulation is WAY beyond most
corporate users...


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