Starium (was Re: article: german secure phone)

Declan McCullagh declan at
Wed Jun 6 00:00:03 EDT 2001

On Mon, Jun 04, 2001 at 12:54:53PM -0400, Perry E. Metzger wrote:
> I was unaware that Starium has ever released a product to be
> compatible with, and a quick glance at their web site fails to reveal
> products for sale. Am I mistaken on this? I would very much like to
> buy their products if they existed...

Starium has not released a product to the public, but the units 
have been designed and produced.

I have a pair of Stariums (if that's the proper pluralization), and
they work fine on the vast majority of phones. They plug in as a 
bump-in-the-cord device between the handset and the phone, and the
Starium unit I had worked with the bulk of the handsets I used. I'm
told an upgrade has fixed this minor problem, and most people won't
be traveling as much as I was.

As for the company, they closed Series A round at $2.1 million in
6/99 and are currently looking for investors for a $3m Series B round
hoping to close 7/01. As of May 30, they had $1.5m of that amount.

They've moved offices from downtown Monterey (on the waterfront) to
Carmel, and are hiring a new exective team. CEO is Frank Corsini
of AmEx and CTO is Dan Sokol.

They appear to be aiming for the complete corporate privacy solution
(my phrase, not theirs) and are filing for patents on p2p conferencing
and voicemail. I haven't yet asked for details.


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